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Roofing in the Winter Months

    Roofing Year Round! Blog Cover

    Q: How can that be? A: The simple answer? We utilize a roof system that can be installed during any season.  We can make repairs the same.

    Q: How can that be?  A: The roof system doesn’t use adhesive.

    Q: What does it use? A: Fasteners and a heat-welded method.

    Q: Won’t the fasteners leave the roof vulnerable? A: No. The fasteners are concealed with the membrane.

    Q: Won’t your crew be too cold? A: They will be cold, sure. However, we use a prefabricated system so they can install the roof quick.

    Q: What do you mean, prefabricated? A: We take exact measurements of your roof and send a diagram to Duro-Last. They manufacture the membrane specific to your roof. The crews then install the roof quickly and efficiently.

    If your building is experiencing roof issues, please don’t wait. Let us help, just call 740-323-3174.