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Why Choose a White Roof?


    We discussed this topic a little bit in our last blog about SRI, so what are we still talking about it?

    Because its important.

    Replacing black roofs with cool roofs makes an impact on a multitude of areas not limited to but including energy usage, urban heat islands, and monthly expenses.

    We have included a link to a white paper that discusses in detail how cool roofs offer a reduction in peak electrical demand.



    A sharp peak in electrical demand can be observed in almost every building during the busiest hours of the day. Although a share of this peak may be attributed to equipment used in the building, a significant portion is caused by increased demand for air conditioning in the heat of the afternoon. This peak in demand requires additional power plant capacity, causes imbalances in the power grid, and may result in increased air pollution. But most importantly for the building owner, peak demand may result in monthly charges many times higher than base electrical rates. One of the best approaches to shrink peak demand is to reduce the heat load on a building, especially the solar load that drives the need for air conditioning. And few heat reduction strategies can match the energy-savings potential of modern cool roofing technology.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.