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3 Tips for Getting the Most Value from Your Roofing Investment

    3 Tips for Getting the Most Value from Your Roofing Investment, Blog Cover

    When you’re ready to buy new commercial roofing system for your facility, it makes sense to get the most bang for your buck. After all, it is a big investment that needs to protect your building for the next 15 years or more. Looking for the cheapest solution isn’t necessarily the best choice, but there are ways to potentially reduce your cost while maintaining value.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. Do your homework and choose the right contractor. Short-term cost savings probably won’t be worth long-term roof maintenance headaches or the cost to address them. In the commercial roofing world, there is no “one size fits all,” either for roofing systems or the contractors that install them. Check the contractor’s website for references (then call them) and examples of projects that are similar to yours. Also, established commercial roofing system manufacturers have programs that recognize their authorized contractors’ accomplishments, either because of sales volume, the quality of their workmanship, or both. These awards should be easily findable on the contractors’ websites and should help reinforce their capabilities to effectively handle your roofing project.

    2. Discuss a lower price with contractors for projects during their slow season. In the northern part of the US, most commercial roofing is installed during spring, summer and fall – it’s obviously the best weather. As a result, contractor activity tends to slow down during winter months and roofing crews sometimes don’t have enough work to keep busy. However, some roofing systems can be effectively installed year-round, in all but the very coldest conditions. If you were planning to have a new roof installed during roofing’s busy season, consider having it installed during the winter, when a contractor might be willing to negotiate a lower price, to keep revenue flowing.

    3. Negotiate a multi-building installation discount and/or additional roofing services. The ideal situation for most commercial roofing contractors is to be viewed as a partner by their customers. In addition to handling one-off roof installations, these roofers want to be part of the planning process that might include roofs for multiple buildings, installed according to a schedule determined by the roofer and the customer together. The assurance of future work for the contractor could give you room to negotiate lower prices on the installations. Also, many commercial contractors offer roof maintenance programs. As part of the quote for your new roof installation, ask the contractor to include maintenance services that go beyond the new roof’s warranty – periodic inspections, for example, or ensuring that drainage systems are flowing properly.

    At All Weather Systems, Inc., we bring value to every roofing project we manage. If you’re planning for a new roof – either in the near future or down the road – we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.