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The Basics of Commercial Roof Maintenance



    Roof maintenance is just one of those ‘have-to’s’ when you own a building. So often the roof is forgotten about until it begins to leak.  By then, what was a small problem has likely caused more damage that could have possibly been prevented with a roof inspection.

    You wear a lot of hats throughout a single day.  Do you really want to also worry about the condition of your roof, or can you delegate that task?  We would be happy to perform bi-yearly or quarterly roof inspections.  We’ll carefully and thoroughly check your roof for any roof defects and point out areas that are a cause for concern.  We’ll catch potential problems before they cause extensive damage.

    The Fall season and the leaves dropping is an easy to identify cause for concern.  Make sure that the water can properly drain from your roof.  Remember, some manufacturer warranties void for ponded or pooling water on the roof system.

    The Basics of Roof Maintenance” article presented by the NRCA (National Roofing Contractor Association) outlines in detail areas of consideration when it comes to the role of roof maintenance.

    Reach out to All Weather Systems. We are currently scheduling inspections throughout the month of November.  (740) 323-3174