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What is NSF/ANSI?

    The path to a greener roof, Blog Cover

    By definition, NSF/ANSI 347, is an assessment to determine the Sustainability for Single Ply Roofing Membranes. It is the first standard for evaluating and certifying sustainable attributes of single-ply roofing membranes over their entire life cycle. Several factors are taken into consideration such as product design, manufacturing, membrane durability, corporate governance, and overall innovation.

    Duro-Last has had a long-standing pledge to sustainability. They have 7 different membranes that have received certifications at either the platinum or gold levels!

    Duro-Last’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness includes a full line of bright white membranes that exceed industry standards for reflectivity, which can greatly reduce energy demand and consumption for building owners.

    In addition, Duro-Last manufactures any excess materials into resilient flooring, walkway pads, and concrete expansion joints. In addition, Duro-Last has recycled more than 80 million pounds of PVC material through our sustainable manufacturing operations and Recycle Your Roof program.

    At All Weather Systems, we feel good about offering an excellent roofing system from a manufacturer that cares about not only business now, but how their products affect the future health of our planet.

    We understand there are many factors in deciding which roof system is the best option. We also understand that sustainability might not be at the top of your thought list, however, we encourage you add it to your list of considerations.

    Contact All Weather Systems today. We would be happy to tell you more about how we are doing our part! 740-323-3174