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Single-Ply Membrane: Perfect for Metal Roof Retrofits

    Roofing Retrofit & Single-Ply Membranes - AWS

    Because of thermal expansion and contraction and other factors, structural standing seam metal roofs are susceptible to seam and fastener problems, cracks and leaks around penetrations, and rust and corrosion. If you have a metal roof on your facility, that means your building’s watertight integrity is compromised.

    Some solutions include:
    Sealing and coating. This inexpensive option re-seals exposed seams and apply a waterproof coating. But this method only protects against rain and only temporarily, because the roof continues to expand and contract, eventually rupturing the new seals and coating.

    Spray-on foam and sealant. This covers the metal roof with urethane foam which is then sealed. Although this method helps protect against rain and interior drips, the irregular surfaces of foam coatings typically collect water, and most warranties for spray-on foam do not cover damages due to ponding water.

    Roof replacement. Completely replacing the roof with new insulation and new steel addresses all the problems – until they begin again because the new metal roof will have the same vulnerabilities as the old roof. This method is also costly, involves the use of heavy equipment, and is disruptive to a building’s normal operations, often exposing the building contents to the elements while work is performed.

    Single-ply membrane retrofit solutions can provide a better option than replacing the metal roof or continuing to repair it. Membrane retrofits are a cost-effective, single-ply roofing solution that can usually be installed directly over an existing metal roof.

    All Weather Systems, Inc. is experienced with installations of single-ply roofing over old metal roofs. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote, call 740-323-3174.