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Questions for Your New Commercial Roof Team

    Questions for Your New Commercial Roof Team

    Questions for Your New Commercial Roof Team

    Regardless of how relatively simple or complex your commercial roofing installation, there multiple players involved and project-related issues to resolve. Here are a few team-related questions to consider as you get started on your project.

    For your contractor:

    Can you provide customer references with projects similar to mine? What is the scope of work, with respect to your labor and materials? Will the old roof require a tear-off or can the new system be installed over the top? If a tear-off is required, how will you remove and dispose of the debris? What measures and policies do you have in place that will ensure the safety of your crew and building occupants during the project? How will you gain access to the building’s roof, for your crew and the new roofing materials? Will there be a manager or other supervisory person overseeing the project and ensuring it’s proceeding according to plan? What is your plan for keeping me updated on installation progress? Do you offer your own warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s?


    For the roof system manufacturer:

    What is the status of this contractor with your company? Are they authorized to install your products? Have they won awards or been recognized for the quality of their workmanship? Can you help me understand your warranty and your process for supporting me after the roof has been installed? If my contractor leaves the roofing business in a few years, are there other contractors in my area that can handle any repair issues that arise?


    For your building maintenance staff:

    Are there any underlying roof issues that may not be apparent to the roofing contractor? Do we need to contact other vendors who manage systems on the rooftop (e.g., HVAC, satellite dishes, other wires / cables) to relocate or adjust their equipment?


    For an architect or structural engineer, if you’re thinking about installing a solar, vegetative, or other “overburden” system on the rooftop: Can my building structure support the additional weight? If not, can structural modifications be made cost-effectively?

    You may have other questions, as well. At All Weather Systems, we have the answers you need to give your peace of mind throughout the entire commercial roofing process. If you’re in the market for a new or replacement roofing system, please give us a call at 740-323-3174.