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How does AWS address one our biggest priorities, rooftop Safety?



    We take safety quite seriously.  It is extremely important that our crews always have safe practices when on a rooftop. Afterall, it only takes a moment.

    Forbes magazine recently listed roofing as the 6th most dangerous job in America. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that out of the 4,251 private industry deaths in the U.S. workplace during 2014, 20.5 percent were in construction. As far as a percentage of deaths, fall deaths are unequivocally number one. Falls represent 39.9 percent of all deaths. This is serious.

    In addition to identifying the unique hazards before we begin every project, All Weather Systems holds weekly safety meetings administered by a 3rd party to ensure our crews are up to speed on all of the best safety practices.

    We also strongly encourage building owners to look at their rooftop fall safety setups.  How can the safety measures be improved upon?  There are many ways to make your roof safer, reach out to us to discuss your set up.  (740) 323-3174