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Heat-Welded Seams & Ohio



    How do heat-welded seams work? Why is it the best choice for Ohio?

    Our roofing crew members use heat guns, also known as welders. These heat guns generate air hot enough that it welds overlapping pieces of PVC membrane, creating a single sheet of membrane.  This eliminates the chances of water penetration.  It also makes the seams the strongest point of the roof system.

    Heat welding is the best choice for flat and low slope roofs in Ohio for one simple reason – The temperature fluctuation that Ohio buildings experience inside of a day or week.  These variable hot and cold temperatures create expansion and contraction that puts pressure on the roof system. We are seeing all kinds of temperature fluctuations this week as Summer moves out and Fall moves in.


    Learn more about how heat welded seams work by calling (740) 323-3174.