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Fall Protection on Roofs

    Employers have more freedom to customize their fall protection plan under the new OSHA 1910 Walking-Working Surfaces Standard that went into effect in January. But they need to take great care: the flexibility it affords carries risk.   

    The new rule redefines safe distances from the roof edge and the degree of protection required within specified footage. OSHA has also recognized other forms of fall protection such as fall restraint and arrest systems and included them as suitable solutions in the new standards. There’s also the nature of the job to consider: “temporary and infrequent tasks” conducted further from the edge require less stringent protection. Though these are only two stipulations in the update, they give employers and building owners the ability to choose between various fall protection equipment. This puts the onus on a decision maker who might not be aware of the pros and cons of safety equipment in certain scenarios.  Read the rest of the blog…

    There is much to know and to consider as a building owner. All Weather Systems can perform a rooftop safety assessment to help. We can walk your roof, point out hazards and assemble a plan and a correlating estimate. Call today (740) 323-3174 and ask for Mike!