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Reflective Roofs: They’re Just Cooler!

    Hot Roofs and Cool Roofs

    Cool roofs keep you cool!

    You know that it’s virtually impossible to walk barefoot on asphalt in the summer. The black surface absorbs and retains heat until it’s several degrees hotter than the surrounding air. The same is true for your commercial roof – if it’s not made from a reflective membrane.

    Flat commercial roofing systems made from black or other dark materials absorb heat from the sun and transfer that heat into the building. On the other hand, a white cool roof reflects heat back into the atmosphere, helping keep your building cooler. Cool roofs mean that your rooftop HVAC units won’t need to work as hard – saving you on energy costs. That’s because, on a hot day, the surface of a cool roof  (white roof) may be only a few degrees warmer than the air temperature; a black roof can be much hotter, requiring greater effort – and energy consumption – from the HVAC system to cool the air that’s transferred into your building.

    Here’s a bonus: the cost of a new reflective roofing system is about the same as that of a non-reflective system. That means your investment payback period will be shorter, because of the energy costs you’ll save.

    At All Weather Systems, we’ve built our reputation on installing high-quality commercial roofing systems. If you’re in the market for a new roof, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.