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Commercial Roof Leaks: Some Less-Obvious Problems

    Not so Obvious Problems: Roof Leaks, Blog Cover

    If you’re a commercial building owner or manager, you likely have lots of facility-related issues that occupy your daily routine. An aging roof or one that was installed incorrectly or has not been properly maintained through the years may be presenting you with roof leaks. Aside from the obvious inconvenience of having water inside your building, there are some other potential consequences you should be aware of.

    Roof leaks can lead to water on the floor, which in turn can lead to slips and falls. This hazard opens the door for workers’ compensation claims and other potentially expensive litigation if clients, vendors, or other visitors have an accident.

    Less visible but just as problematic is water “behind the scenes.” Even a small leak that’s not immediately dealt with can cause walls and ceilings to deteriorate and flooring adhesives to degrade. Furniture or inventory that’s inadvertently left on a floor that is or becomes damp quickly becomes ready for the dumpster.

    Wet insulation, interior walls, and ceilings are also ideal environments for the development of mold and infestation of pests. Ridding your facility of mold and bugs can be expensive. But that cost could seem small if your mold and insect issues lead to code violations or disruptions in your business operation.

    Another problem with wet rooftop insulation is that it loses its insulating ability. This reduction in R-value will likely add to your building’s heating and cooling costs.

    The bottom line is that the cost of finding and addressing a leak on your commercial roof will be far less expensive than other costs you could occur in the form of higher insurance premiums, negligence litigation, replacement of walls or ceilings, mold remediation, energy expenses, and other risks.

    If your commercial roof is leaking, it has clearly lost its ability to protect your building from the elements. The commercial roofing experts at All Weather Systems would welcome the opportunity to discuss solutions with you. Please call us today at 740-323-3174.