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Take Great Care in Your Choice

    Choose the right contractor for your roofing project, AWS!

    For a Successful Commercial Roof Installation, Choose the Right Contractor

    The type of roofing system you choose for your facility is important, but the long-term success of any installation ultimately falls on the installing roofing contractor and their application quality. The roofer you choose should have a solid reputation and experience with all aspects of the roofing system that’s right for your building.

    At a minimum, your “due diligence” should ensure that the contractor you’re considering:

    • Is trained and authorized by the roofing manufacturer to install the manufacturer’s products correctly. Many manufacturers have quality rating and recognition programs to ensure contractor proficiency.
    • Does a thorough evaluation of your current roof to uncover any problems and/or potential challenges, and then discuss findings with you. This might include taking core cuts to determine the condition of the roof components (e.g., insulation) under the membrane, and doing pull tests to ensure that the correct fasteners are chosen for the job.
    • Has references for completed projects that are comparable to your job.
    • Has a strong reputation for business integrity, installation quality, and standing behind their work after the roof is installed.
    • Gives you a sense of confidence. A new commercial roof installation is a big investment, and “trusting your gut” should be part of the process.

    If you’re in the market for a new commercial roof, contact All Weather Systems today. You can- be confident in our ability to provide a thorough, high-quality installation. 740-323-3174