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Roof Hatches – Here’s one option

All Weather Systems are experts at installing or updating roof hatches. Over the past 30 years, roof access technology has come a long way. Bilco’s thermally broken roof hatches feature a frame and cover design that minimizes heat transfer between the interior and exterior metal surfaces. The result is a product that resists harmful condensation…

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Rooftop equipment is an easy source of leaks. It makes sense, right? Any number of things can happen. Screws can work their way out Washers and gaskets can dry rot Tools can drop around the units Parts can be mishandled Joints can be improperly sealed All of which cause issues for the roof system. Strategically…

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Single-Ply Roofing can be used where?

Single-Ply roofing is very versatile. In our three decades of service we have installed the roofing system in a wide variety of applications. Standard flat roofs are common but how about a 20’ façade for a storefront, a 6/12 pitched roof, a barrel roof? With options in 40, 50, 60 and 80 mil thickness and…

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Just two weeks ago Harbor Freight opened their doors in Heath, Ohio. You may have seen a bit of construction happening on the top of the old HH Greg store. We built a 50’ wide by 20’ tall high wall façade to dawn the Harbor Freight signature sign.  We used metal studs and plywood to…


SRI – The Quick Facts

What does SRI mean for you? First – What does SRI mean for you? If you choose a roofing material with a higher SRI number, then you can expect to keep your building inherently cooler in the warmer months. As a result, you’ll use less energy to cool your building, thus reducing your energy bill….

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Rooftop Safety & How We Can Help

Here are a few tidbits of information we came across, along with links to learn more about this important matter of safety. “Building owners, as contractual employers, must maintain their buildings in a safe condition to protect not only their own staff but contractors as well.” From 2017-2018 the top OSHA citation was for inadequate…

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Single-Ply in Patterns

Available in 3 options When building appearance is important, we can present several additional options for single-ply roofing that fall within the Designer Series of Duro-Last. This is still the same great single-ply membrane that you know and love but in 3 unique options. These patterns have become a popular solution for a variety of…

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What remains… As the crews clean up and head out, you are left with the roof system and your warranty. We encourage you to read the warranty AND the fine print. Make sure you ask questions and understand what is stated within. Duro-Last offers several warranty options for both 15-year and 20-year terms as well…


Up & Over

Expansion & Contraction From the past 3 decades of roofing, along with our good ole science lesson from high school we know that expansion and contraction can occur within certain materials due to changes in temperature. On numerous occasions, we have witness roof membranes ballooning or trampolining as a result. When a roofing contractor chooses…

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3 Layers of Membrane

Performance Layer, Scrim, Bottom Layer If you are familiar with single-ply roofing systems, then you’ve likely heard the different thickness such as 40 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil etc.  Duro-Last wanted to take a closer look into the thickness of these membranes and how they are constructed from manufacturer to manufacturer. As shown in the…

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