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3 Layers of Membrane

Performance Layer, Scrim, Bottom Layer

If you are familiar with single-ply roofing systems, then you’ve likely heard the different thickness such as 40 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil etc.  Duro-Last wanted to take a closer look into the thickness of these membranes and how they are constructed from manufacturer to manufacturer.

As shown in the image above, there are 3 layers to a typical single-ply roof system. The top layer is called the “Performance Layer” because its what takes the beating from the sun, foot traffic, third party damage.

Duro-Last examined 12 other membranes to note how thick their performance layer was, in comparison with Duro-Last 50 mil membrane.

Not even the 60 mil membranes from our competitors were able to surpass the 28-mil top layer of the Duro-Last membrane. That’s interesting right? The top layer is the first line of defense, but the other manufacturers choose to build their layer with the bulk of their thickness below the scrim.  We cannot say for sure why, but the ASTM 4434 only requires 16 mil above the scrim. Duro-Last far surpasses this minimum requirement to provide thickness where it truly counts.

Before you choose the roof system based on the thickness, be sure you know the makeup of the roof membrane.  It may not be what it seems. 

We’d be happy to speak with you at length about these differences, give us a call. (740) 323-3174

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Roof Inspections

What do you need to consider?

The first step is preparation – How do you prepare for a roof inspection? Do you know how old the roof is? Who was the last company that made repairs? How long ago was that?

This article is provided by to get the full scoop. Find it here:

Give All Weather Systems a call today (740) 323-3174.

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Cool Roofs & Saving Energy

Note the section of this video that talks about SRI. The higher the number the better. For Duro-Last, the SRI is over 100… for black rubber roofs, the SRI number is in the negatives.

It makes a difference and we hope you take a moment to view this video.

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How to choose between quotes.

Your building needs a new roof, so you reach out to a few local contractors. Each contractor comes out, performs and inspection and submits their proposals. 

Each proposal is completely different than the next. Now what? This predicament happens often. How do you choose?

Make sure each proposal contains all the ‘basic’ information. If the information is missing, question why.

Does it include:

  • A thorough explanation of the work to be done?
  • The square footage of the project?
  • Approximate start date?
  • What type of roof will be installed?
  • Which if any materials will be reused? 
  • If there will be any disruption to your business?
  • How long has each contractor been in operation?
  • Are they properly insured?
  • What exactly does the warranty cover?
  • Does it void for ponded water?
  • Does it include consequential damages?

As you comb through each project, make a note of the differences. Ask the contractors to further explain the details as needed. 

Check reviews, check references, as your fellow building owners. And… READ the warranty. Does it include consequential damages? If water ponds on the roof, are you required to notify the manufacturer? 

It’s an important decision, no doubt. We have worked very hard over the past several decades to earn the respect and the trust of our community. Reach out to us today. (740) 323-3174

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Roofing & Spring – Is your roof ready?

What a winter we have had!

All the snow and ice has melted, and the rain is moving in. Winter has a way of making a tiny roof problem a large roof problem. If you haven’t yet, its imperative to perform an inspection on your roof. You can head off a lot of problems, wasted downtime and potential damage to your equipment, stock, etc. 

All Weather Systems Inc., offers thorough roof inspections. We not only walk the roof, but we search for any areas that could potentially cause problems so that you are aware long before it happens.

Just remember, keeping up with repairs decreases the likelihood of a full roof tear off when the roof reaches the end of its life cycle. 

Call us today (740) 323-3174.

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Fall Protection on Roofs

Employers have more freedom to customize their fall protection plan under the new OSHA 1910 Walking-Working Surfaces Standard that went into effect in January. But they need to take great care: the flexibility it affords carries risk.   

The new rule redefines safe distances from the roof edge and the degree of protection required within specified footage. OSHA has also recognized other forms of fall protection such as fall restraint and arrest systems and included them as suitable solutions in the new standards. There’s also the nature of the job to consider: “temporary and infrequent tasks” conducted further from the edge require less stringent protection. Though these are only two stipulations in the update, they give employers and building owners the ability to choose between various fall protection equipment. This puts the onus on a decision maker who might not be aware of the pros and cons of safety equipment in certain scenarios.  Read the rest of the blog…

There is much to know and to consider as a building owner. All Weather Systems can perform a rooftop safety assessment to help. We can walk your roof, point out hazards and assemble a plan and a correlating estimate. Call today (740) 323-3174 and ask for Mike!

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How much will it cost?

We need a project completed but we just know how much it will cost.

We’ve all been there.  Whether it we were remodeling an area of our home, dealing with a vehicle problem or a roofing project, we know that price is important. Not only do we offer free estimates but also comprehensive budget numbers. Meaning, maybe you need multiple roof sections done this year but at different times. We’ll develop a section by section roofing plan to help you prioritize the work with numbers you can rely on. With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to be both efficient and accurate. 

Schedule an appointment today, call (740) 323-3174 or email .

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Metal Roofing & Wall Panels

In combination with EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, we provide a full line of metal roofing and wall panel products that save time during installation, add striking visual details and provide a secure fit for unsurpassed protection, durability and efficiency.  Here are some of our offerings:

Insulated Roof Panels

  • EM CFR Insulated Panel
  • EM Insulated BattenLok Panel
  • EM LS-36 Insulated Panel

Insulated Metal Wall Panels

  • EM CF Fluted Insulated Panel
  • EM CF Architectural Insulated Panel
  • EM CF Mesa Insulated Panel
  • EM Striated Insulated Panel
  • EM 7.2 Insul-Rib Panel

Design. Flexibility. High Energy Efficiency. Appealing. Practical. 

Call us today for a brochure highlighting all product offerings, features and benefits. (740) 323-3174

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AWS Roofing in the Cold

Artic Weather & Roofing

What a winter we are having!  This frozen tundra we are in makes it hard to do anything, including roofing!  All Weather Systems utilizes materials and techniques especially designed for colder weather.  If you roof is experiencing issues, do not wait to reach out to us. Yes, we may need to let the weather reach above zero degrees, but we’ll be there right after that!

Stay warm Ohio!  (740) 323-3174

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Solutions for the trickiest of Roofs


KOMBI modular aluminum stair access systems ensure secure access roof decks, service platforms and other maintenance areas. The modular design allows simple site assembly.

Specific KOMBI features include:

  • Purpose-built to suit required application
  • Lightweight sturdy aluminum construction
  • Highest level of safe and easy access
  • Modular design for easy delivery, site assembly
  • There is ability to customize these on-site if required.
  • OSHA compliance

All Weather Systems in combination with Fixfast provide solutions for even the trickiest of roof systems.  If your roof isn’t safe for your employees or for 3rd party workers, be proactive and call us today. (740) 323-3174


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