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Single-Ply Roofing can be used where?

Single-Ply roofing is very versatile. In our three decades of service we have installed the roofing system in a wide variety of applications. Standard flat roofs are common but how about a 20’ façade for a storefront, a 6/12 pitched roof, a barrel roof?

With options in 40, 50, 60 and 80 mil thickness and the ability either glue or heat-weld, the options are vast!  In the past, we have even used the material to wrap some problematic HVAC air ducts! 

If you have a roofing problem, let us solve it.  With more than 35 years of experience, we are nothing if not resourceful and creative in our solutions. Stop fighting the leaks, give us a call. (740) 323-3174


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Just two weeks ago Harbor Freight opened their doors in Heath, Ohio. You may have seen a bit of construction happening on the top of the old HH Greg store. We built a 50’ wide by 20’ tall high wall façade to dawn the Harbor Freight signature sign. 

We used metal studs and plywood to create the wall then carefully encapsulated it with 50 mil PVC Single Ply ROOF MEMBRANE. That’s right. The black rubber roof and the white PVC overlap about 3’ up from the roof deck. We then added a term bar to finish the tie in. 

Let us know if you’d like to get a closer look 740-323-3174.


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SRI – The Quick Facts

What does SRI mean for you?

First – What does SRI mean for you? If you choose a roofing material with a higher SRI number, then you can expect to keep your building inherently cooler in the warmer months. As a result, you’ll use less energy to cool your building, thus reducing your energy bill.

Solar Reflectance Index is the amount of solar energy reflected by a surface, versus absorbing it.

Solar reflectance is measured from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the better its able to reflect.

Thermal emittance measures the ability of a particular surface to release any heat it absorbed. This is always measured from 0 to 100.  The higher number, the better its able to release the heat.

When solar reflectance and thermal emittance is combined, the SRI is the result.  As you may have guessed, the larger the number, the better. 

Duro-Last White: 108

White Metal: 82

EPDM: -1

White Granular Surface Bitumen: 28

Light Gravel on BUR: 37

White Asphalt Shingles 21

When considering the roofing material, there is more to consider that just the bottom line of the proposal.  Understanding the SRI of the material is just one area to note! 

Call us to learn more about SRI’s.  (740) 323-3174

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Rooftop Safety & How We Can Help

Here are a few tidbits of information we came across, along with links to learn more about this important matter of safety.

“Building owners, as contractual employers, must maintain their buildings in a safe condition to protect not only their own staff but contractors as well.”

From 2017-2018 the top OSHA citation was for inadequate Fall Protection. Additionally, falling is the number one cause of death for construction workers.

“It may come as a surprise that the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death is falls. In 2016, 34,673 people died in falls at home and at work, according to Injury Facts®, and for working adults, depending on the industry, falls can be the leading cause of death.”

“Falls are 100% Preventable – Whether working from a ladder, roof or scaffolding, it’s important to plan ahead, assess the risk and use the right equipment.”

“Preventing workers from falling off roofs, scaffolds, ladders and other elevated surfaces should be simple. Public information about fall hazards is widely available, and so is equipment and training. Safety regulations are effective when followed.”

“On-The-Job Falling Deaths Are Increasing At Alarming Rates – Job-Related Falls Should Be Easy to Prevent, But Workers Are Dying in Record Numbers”

“Preventing workers from falling off roofs, scaffolds, ladders and other elevated surfaces should be simple. Public information about fall hazards is widely available, and so is equipment and training. Safety regulations are effective when followed.”

Read more:

Unfortunately, we could keep going, the articles and statistics are endless.  All Weather Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of products to make your rooftops safer.

  • Guardrail Systems
  • Fall Arrest Anchors
  • Ladder Support Brackets
  • Ladder Safety Systems
  • Warning Line Systems
  • Skylight Safety Screens
  • Roof Hatch Safety Rails
  • Rooftop Walkway Pads

Not sure where to start? Give us a call ASAP. We’ll walk the roof with you and develop a plan.  (740) 323-3174

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Single-Ply in Patterns

Available in 3 options

When building appearance is important, we can present several additional options for single-ply roofing that fall within the Designer Series of Duro-Last. This is still the same great single-ply membrane that you know and love but in 3 unique options. These patterns have become a popular solution for a variety of applications

The Shingle-Ply membrane comes in both tan and gray, then there is Rock-Ply all in 50 mil roll goods. Each pattern has a special polymer coating to help protect the printed finish. To complete the project, the accessories are custom-fabricated and match the pattern.

Reach out to us to receive samples of the Designer Series.  (740) 323-3174

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What remains…

As the crews clean up and head out, you are left with the roof system and your warranty. We encourage you to read the warranty AND the fine print. Make sure you ask questions and understand what is stated within.

Duro-Last offers several warranty options for both 15-year and 20-year terms as well as specific warranties for several circumstances.

Here is a quick outline of the 15-year warranty:


On a Duro-Last roof (for warranty related repairs or replacement), you pay nothing for materials or labor.


Duro-Last’s standard 15-year labor and material warranty contains no exclusions for ponding water. 


Our standard warranty includes coverage for consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation. 


The standard Duro-Last warranty is transferable at no charge to a new building owner.


Duro-Last warranties come straight from the manufacturer that has produced over a billion square feet of roofing membrane since 1978. These warranties are in addition to any warranty your roofing contractor may provide.


There is no additional charge for your Duro-Last standard warranty. That means you get the industry’s best rooftop protection for FREE. 


Although regular common-sense maintenance can extend the life of your roof, Duro-Last does not require you to invest in a roof maintenance program (often stipulated by other manufacturers) for your warranty to be in effect for the entire 15-year period.

Give All Weather Systems a call, we can review the various options of warranties and decide what would make the most sense for you. (740) 323-3174

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Up & Over

Expansion & Contraction

From the past 3 decades of roofing, along with our good ole science lesson from high school we know that expansion and contraction can occur within certain materials due to changes in temperature. On numerous occasions, we have witness roof membranes ballooning or trampolining as a result.

When a roofing contractor chooses not to take a roof membrane up and over the parapet walls, they are exponentially increasing the chances of roofing issues as the weather changes. Designing the roof system so that the edge of the roof membrane meets the bottom of a parapet wall or ledge leaves the roof potentially exposed to leaks.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how to choose between contractors when comparing quotes. This is just one more area to note when reviewing the quotes. Is the contractor offering you a proposal that is what’s best for your unique roof situation?

All Weather Systems has built a fantastic reputation over the past 30 years because we believe in doing what’s right…every time. Call to learn more about how we do business.  (740) 323-3174

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3 Layers of Membrane

Performance Layer, Scrim, Bottom Layer

If you are familiar with single-ply roofing systems, then you’ve likely heard the different thickness such as 40 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil etc.  Duro-Last wanted to take a closer look into the thickness of these membranes and how they are constructed from manufacturer to manufacturer.

As shown in the image above, there are 3 layers to a typical single-ply roof system. The top layer is called the “Performance Layer” because its what takes the beating from the sun, foot traffic, third party damage.

Duro-Last examined 12 other membranes to note how thick their performance layer was, in comparison with Duro-Last 50 mil membrane.

Not even the 60 mil membranes from our competitors were able to surpass the 28-mil top layer of the Duro-Last membrane. That’s interesting right? The top layer is the first line of defense, but the other manufacturers choose to build their layer with the bulk of their thickness below the scrim.  We cannot say for sure why, but the ASTM 4434 only requires 16 mil above the scrim. Duro-Last far surpasses this minimum requirement to provide thickness where it truly counts.

Before you choose the roof system based on the thickness, be sure you know the makeup of the roof membrane.  It may not be what it seems. 

We’d be happy to speak with you at length about these differences, give us a call. (740) 323-3174

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Roof Inspections

What do you need to consider?

The first step is preparation – How do you prepare for a roof inspection? Do you know how old the roof is? Who was the last company that made repairs? How long ago was that?

This article is provided by to get the full scoop. Find it here:

Give All Weather Systems a call today (740) 323-3174.

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Cool Roofs & Saving Energy

Note the section of this video that talks about SRI. The higher the number the better. For Duro-Last, the SRI is over 100… for black rubber roofs, the SRI number is in the negatives.

It makes a difference and we hope you take a moment to view this video.

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