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Rooftop equipment is an easy source of leaks. It makes sense, right?

Any number of things can happen.

  • Screws can work their way out
  • Washers and gaskets can dry rot
  • Tools can drop around the units
  • Parts can be mishandled
  • Joints can be improperly sealed

All of which cause issues for the roof system.

Strategically installing Roof-Trak III is one way to eliminate some of the unnecessary wear and tear on your roof system.

Roof Trak® III is a non-skid, maintenance-free walkway/protection pad. Roof Trak III is an extruded pad made from both recycled Duro-Last® membrane and an oriented-strand polyester reinforcement. Duro-Last, Inc. manufactures the Roof Trak III Walkway Pad to provide protection in heavily traveled rooftop areas. It also provides added protection around mechanical equipment and as a separator for sleepers that support mechanical equipment. Field and laboratory testing have proven that Roof Trak III can be used in all seasons and applications. Roof Trak III utilizes factory-attached, 4-inch wide, white membrane skirts for attachment to the field membrane by heat welding (hot-air). These pads will not peel up or become a trip hazard.

Do you need to add a few of these to your current roof? Give AWS a call (740) 323-3174.


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