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How to Choose the Right Roof Access Ladder



As building owners continue to shift focus on the safety of their rooftops, we begin to examine the access ladders. Fixfast is a leader if rooftop safety and we are proud to work with them. 

“Running your business requires a sharp eye for problem-solving, effective communication, and dedication. But that’s not all – common facilities maintenance challenges require that you have the right equipment to enable your employees’ access to high spaces. Items like fixed roof access ladders can mean the difference between effective maintenance and avoidable repairs. The right equipment can also ensure your compliance with OSHA regulations and help keep your employees safer and more productive.”  Check out their full blog post regarding this topic…/choosing-right-roof-access-la…/


 If you have any questions about the safety of your roof, please reach out to us ASAP (740) 323-3174.



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