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The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) & Flat Roofing

    TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative that offers access to competitively procured purchasing contracts to its membership.   How does my organization benefit from using a purchasing cooperative like TIPS? For governmental agencies such as public education organizations, higher education entities, and city or county governments, membership in a purchasing cooperative offers the…

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Ohio School Districts

Over the past three decades All Weather Systems Inc. has had the pleasure of working with many school districts across Ohio. With the introduction of the TIPS Program, school districts, state funded entities and non-profits are now able to obtain pre-negotiated pricing on a wide range of products and services. Here is a project profile…

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$ Save Money $

    Let’s take a closer look at one particular aspect of how we can save you money on your next roofing project. The cost of labor.  Duro-Last roofing is not the low-cost leader for the price of roof membranes alone however, the savings is in the labor. Look at it this way, let’s say the cost of…

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Efficient. Economical. Effective

  The State of Ohio   When you need the work done as fast as possible and without error. Call All Weather Systems.  (740) 323-3714    

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The Ultimate Roof System

  IMAGINE THAT EVERY VITAL PIECE OF A ROOFING SYSTEM CAN BE PURCHASED AT ONE TIME.     Duro-Last offers various complete roofing systems — with solutions from Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky.      Edge-to-Edge and Deck-to-Sky options include: Cover Board Insulation Membrane Stacks, curbs, drains and corners Two-Way air vent Vinyl-coated metal scuppers and pitch pans…

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Chemical Resistance & Roofing

Duro-Last is inherently resistant to animal fats, grease, and a wide array of chemicals. If your building has grease fans, ducts, kitchen exhausts and HVAC units, using a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane can help.  If your roof is exposed to caustic chemicals, petroleum products and acids, a PVC membrane will be your best LONG-TERM solution. …

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Why is PVC roofing superior?

  PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride – Vinyl is flame resistant – PVC Membranes are flexible – PVC is lighter weight that other materials – Strong puncture resistance and breaking strength – PVC is heat-weldable – Vinyl roofs are highly reflective – PVC is resistant to chemicals – Vinyl is recyclable PVC, also commonly known as…

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Project Profile: Mid State Warehouses

Check out this project profile featuring Mid State Warehouses.  The All Weather Systems team was able to install 180,000 square feet of Duro-Last 50 mil pre-fabricated membrane in just 12 days from start to finish.  We are very proud to have been able to meet the demands of this project so efficiently.  

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Commercial Roofing Company Goes Platinum!

    All Weather Systems has gone Platinum! After every commercial project is installed, Duro-Last dispatches a Quality Assurance Inspector who grades our installation.  Achieving Platinum status means that we installed more than 500,000 square feet in 2017 AND scored more than 95% on average.  To say we are proud is really an understatement! The…

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Roof Warranties

Why Read the Warranty?  Warranties are boring. No big surprise here right? As boring as they are, the roof system and the warranty are all that’s left after a roofing crew leaves your job. It’s imperative to understand the warranty. Let’s talk about the Duro-Last Warranty and what makes it the best in the roofing industry….

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